May 7, 2019

07 May 2019

Faith Today Wins Awards at Canadian Church Press Convention

Congratulations to authors Bruce Clemenger, Carolyn Arends and Rod Wilson who won first place awards last week from the Canadian Church Press association for work published in Faith Today. Our designer Janice Van Eck also took home two firsts, and several other contributors also took home seconds and thirds including Alex Newman, Mark A. Buchanan, Karen Durling Stiller and Caroline Ryan. Faith Today took second place in the coveted general excellence category for magazines. Get the details with links to the winning articles at

May/Jun Faith Today Available Now

The newest Faith Today is out! The May/Jun issue includes: author Mark Buchanan on the profound joy of walking in a life of faith; theologian Ephraim Radner on the difficult question of suffering; Christian advocates who say we actually can end chronic poverty in Canada; a profile of Julia and Kevin Garratt, the Canadian Christian couple who survived a harrowing 775-day detainment in China; our exclusive in-depth interview with Anna Robbins, the new president of Acadia Divinity College, and more. If you haven't received a free copy in the past 12 months, contact us to request one today.

Dispatch from Brian Stiller: An Unexpected Easter in Sri Lanka

“As we absorb the sorrow and outright horror of Sri Lanka, we realize this kind of destruction is not isolated, nor will it easily or quietly go away.... For while this tragedy is rooted in its national politics, we all live in villages not isolated from the world.” World Evangelical Alliance Global Ambassador Brian Stiller explains why we should view the Sri Lanka bombings not just globally, but locally.

The EFC Seeks Intervener Status Again on Gay-Straight Alliance Bill

The Alberta Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal by faith-based schools and others to be exempt from Bill 24 on Gay-Straight Alliances until there is a ruling on its constitutionality. Bill 24 requires principals to immediately grant permission for GSA clubs or activities upon request and specifies that there is to be no notice to parents about student participation, even for the youngest students. The EFC was an intervener in this case to argue in support of parental rights and religious freedom. The Bill 24 case will continue to be heard in the courts, and the EFC has applied once again for intervener status. For more information, see the EFC's website.

Roman Catholics and Evangelicals Hold Conversation in Calgary

The national Roman Catholic-Evangelical Dialogue, sponsored by the EFC and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, is hosting a conversation to foster Roman Catholic-Evangelical relationship-building at Southview Alliance Church in Calgary this Tuesday, May 9 at 7:30 PM. You are welcome to join in a discussion, led by four panelists, that explores how we can better work together to witness to God’s love in changing times.

Federal Election 2019 Resources

The EFC’s federal election 2019 resources are now available online. Voting is one way Christians contribute to society and the public good. Public policy impacts our lives, influences the way we interact with one another, and helps shape the care and protection offered to our neighbours. Feel free to reproduce and distribute copies of these resources in your group or church:

New Podcasts: Lee Beach and Mark Buchanan

In The Spirituality of Writing, and How to Get Started, Mark Buchanan, a beloved Canadian Christian author and professor at Ambrose University, explores with us why and how Christians can write most effectively. If you're a writer, or even if you're not, you will enjoy this conversation.

In our second new podcast, Things Are Not What They Once Were, author and scholar Lee Beach explores the new position of the Church in Canadian culture, and how the Church can best respond. 

Coming Events at 

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→ Regent Pastors Conference 2019, Vancouver, May 7-9
→ Using Mobile Phones in Missions course, online, May 7
→ EFC Board Meeting, Toronto, May 8-9
→ March for Life, Ottawa, May 9
→ Roman Catholic-Evangelical: A Conversation, Calgary, May 9
→ Biblical Advocacy Workshop, Delta, May 11
→ EFC Speaker in New Sarepta, May 12
→ Renegotiating Faith: Continuing the Conversation, Abbotsford, May 13; Burlington, May 15
→ Biblical Storytelling, Brandon, May 13-15
→ Church Leaders Forum by World Vision, Regina, Winnipeg, Montreal, May 14-16
→ Multiply Conference, Halifax, May 14-15
→ Wycliffe College Preaching Day (J. Mangina, A. Brownlee), Toronto, May 14
→ EFC Speaker in Oakville, May 17
→ Overflow Youth Conference, Waterloo, May 17-19
→ YC Alberta Youth Conference, Red Deer, May 18-20
→ Small Church Consultation, Guelph, May 21-22
→ Historymaker Youth Conference, Chilliwack/Nanaimo, May 24-26
→ Together for Adoption and Fostering Canada, Waterloo, May 24-26
→ Day of Prayer for Christian Camps, nationwide, May 26
→ EFC Speaker at PAOC Campus Worker / YA Leader Summit, Calgary, May 27-29
→ International Collaboration on Faith and Violence, Wolfville, May 27-29

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