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Media releases

Coalition Forms in Physicians Conscience Case

On June 13 the EFC verbally presented the legal arguments it filed April 12 in Ontario.

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The EFC and CIJA Launch Dialogue

Today, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) and the Centre for Israel and Jewish...

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Supreme Court Hears First Indigenous Religious Freedom Claim Tomorrow

The EFC is jointly intervening with the Christian Legal Fellowship in the Supreme Court...

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BC Court of Appeal Upholds Religious Liberty in TWU Case

OTTAWA – A five judge panel of the BC Court of Appeal unanimously ruled today in...

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Official statements

Day of prayer for religious freedom

The EFC and the CCCC are calling Christians to pray for religious freedom on Sunday...

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The EFC Will Intervene in Final TWU Cases

The EFC has received intervener status in the Trinity Western University law school...

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Outgoing letters

Letter to Ontario Minister of Children and Youth Services

Bill 89 became law June 1, 2017. This letter expressed concern about how it changes...

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An Open Letter to all Members of Provincial Parliament of Ontario

Conscience rights must be protected in Bill 84, which implements euthanasia and...

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