Canadian Evangelical Small Church Study

10 June 2020

The Canadian Evangelical Small Church Study (CESCS) will investigate the ministry and mission opportunities that small churches engage in, as well as the challenges that hinder vitality in congregational life and ministry. The study seeks to hear particularly from small church pastors or leaders who have stories to tell about the value of the small church in Canada. 

The CESCS is a research partnership between the following EFC affiliate organizations:

Partnership Chair

Research Team

  • Rick Hiemstra, Director of Research, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
  • Lindsay Callaway, Researcher, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
  • Stéphane Couture, Directeur régional du Québec, l’Alliance évangélique du Canada

Research Process

  1. Ministry Consultation (Completed May 2019)
  2. Partnership Formation (Completed June 2020)
  3. Literature Review (Completed February 2020)
  4. Ministry Expert Interviews (Completed December 2020)
  5. Small Church Pastor Interviews (In process)
  6. National Small Church Pastor Survey
  7. Consultation on Research Findings 
  8. Dissemination of Findings

For more information about the CESCS please contact:

Rick Hiemstra, Lead Investigator
[email protected]
613-233-9868 x332