Abortion Polls in Canada 2007-2012

This document provides a compilation of data from recognized polling and survey...

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Doctors and experts write public dissent of MAID report

A group of doctors and experts who testified before the special joint parliamentary...

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What one person can do to help a community address our laws on MAID

How one person mobilized their local congregation to address the issues around Medical...

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Outgoing letters

Letter on PCEPA prostitution law to justice minister

The EFC applauds the federal government’s defence of the Protection of...

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Official statements

Imposing a new values test on military chaplains

A comment on the Advisory Report that recommends exclusion in the name of diversity for...

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Media releases

The EFC launches new resource on disability and belonging

Life Together: Disability and Belonging in the Church is a new online and print...

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EFC President Bruce Clemenger releases book on Canada’s “emerging civil religion”

New book that examines the changing role of religion in the public square in Canada...

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Faith Today

Faith Today is Canada’s Christian magazine.

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Love Is Moving

Love Is Moving encompasses a variety of youth and young adult initiatives. Homebase is our website There's also social media, an e-newsletter, print magazines (3 per year), a mobile app, and several TV and video series.

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