Canadian Evangelical Missions Engagement Study

The Canadian Evangelical Missions Engagement Study Series is the first ever...

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Serving or saving?

When we feel overwhelmed by the world's problems, lets remember we are called to...

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The cost of conscience

Five doctors and three Christian medical associations are challenging the policy of the...

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Outgoing letters

Asking employment minister for clarification on Canada Summer Jobs 2019

Please clarify what is meant by "intolerance, discrimination and prejudice"...

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Official statements

The EFC responds to revised attestation for Canada Summer Jobs program

We are pleased and encouraged that the values test has been dropped from the Canada...

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Media releases

Launch of Young Adult Transition Research Study

A major new Canadian study is now underway looking at Christian young adults&rsquo...

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The EFC Launches an Audio Podcast

Listen to our new series of weekly audio recordings.

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Faith Today

Faith Today is Canada’s Christian magazine.

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Love Is Moving

Love Is Moving is our name for a variety of youth and young adult initiatives, including a bi-monthly magazine, a related TV series and our participatory Take Action video series.

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