Watch our June 30 webinar on reopening churches

This webinar explores where churches are as of June 30 in their reopening and what we...

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Three questions on Bill C-7

The federal government has introduced a bill that would allow people who aren’t...

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Outgoing letters

Letter to Minister of Justice on Bill C-7

We are writing out of deep concern and opposition to Bill C-7 (expansion of assisted...

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Official statements

Re: Passing of Bill C-14 into Law (assisted death) - Public statement

Statement on the Passing of C-14 by the Senate 

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Media releases

Ontario court upholds "effective referrals" despite religious freedom infringement

The Jan. 31 court decision in “Christian Medical and Dental Society v. College of...

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Coalition Forms in Physicians Conscience Case

On June 13 the EFC verbally presented the legal arguments it filed April 12 in Ontario.

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Faith Today

Faith Today is Canada’s Christian magazine.

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Love Is Moving

Love Is Moving is our name for a variety of youth and young adult initiatives, including a bi-monthly magazine, several related TV series and our participatory Take Action video series.

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