Refugees - Children in Refugee camp A refugee is a person who has fled their country because of persecution, war or violence. In both the Old and New Testaments, God calls us to care for the vulnerable. The EFC facilitates a working group on this issue and supports World Refugee Sunday, an annual event each June.
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FT Interview with Christine MacMillan

Christine MacMillan is a Canadian who serves the World Evangelical Alliance as...

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Three questions on refugee sponsorship at “month 13” and beyond

Evangelical churches sponsored more than 3,500 refugees from Syria and the Middle East...

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Outgoing letters

Letter to new Minister of Immigration

The EFC wrote to congratulate the Hon. Ahmed D. Hussen on his recent appointment as...

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Re: PMO's Syrian refugee audit about more than security - A letter to the editor of the Ottawa Citizen

Canadians should not be surprised that the majority of privately sponsored refuges are...

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Video gallery

How can your church help refugees?

(56 min 52 sec) Answers to practical questions about how your church can sponsor...

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Dispatches from Brian

A Human Tidal Wave

The twin engine plane banked to the left, as we skirted the beach and lined up for the...

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Amazing Peace in a Region of Iraq

As I walked toward the meeting hall, several impressive young Iraqis looked my way with...

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