EFC Logos for Affiliates

We have made the EFC logo available for download to all our affiliates. Use the logo on your website to show that you are an EFC Affiliate.

To download the logo for use on your website, right click on the image below and select "Save Image As..." (or your browser's equivalent).
EFC_2016_Logo_stacked_clr Here are versions of our other various logos. If you click on them, they will open full-sized in a new browser window, so you can download them from there. Please check your existing PR materials to make sure you are not using outdated versions of our logos (some outdated ones use brownish/greyish lettering instead of blue). You can also consult our branding guide for details about proper usage (as you will see there, we also have available silhouettes either white-on-black or gold-on-white). Let us know if you need different sizes or if you have questions.
597 x 107 JPG
473 x 576 PNG
434 x 427 PNG
1467 x 237 PNG
2218 x 544 JPG
104 x 15 PNG
114 x 13 PNG
200 x 22 PNG