Environment - Hand caring for God's creation

God's love and care for creation is evident throughout the Bible.  In Genesis, God declared good each new part of creation.

God uses creation to reveal himself (Rom 1:20) and calls humans to the task of caring for it (Gen 1:26, Psalm 8). Through the fall into sin, humans were alienated from God, each other and the rest of creation (Gen 3:17, 19). The Bible tells us that creation groans, waiting for redemption, and that God’s plan of salvation includes its restoration (Rom 8:19-22).

God calls us to be stewards and to care for his creation.


Related Themes

God's Earthkeepers: Biblical Action and Reflection on the Environment is a discussion of environmental issues, drawing on Christian perspectives of God's creation, produced in 1995 by the EFC Social Action Commission and William Van Geest.  Includes study sections appropriate for personal or group purposes.

The first edition (1995, beautifully illustrated, colour) is out of print. You can download a second edition (2007) black and white PDF version for free (3.2 MB in size). Aussi disponible en francais / Also available in French.