Parenting Faith Research Study

11 April 2023

The full report, a 245-page pdf, includes the 3-page executive summary
available on its own in English and français
“How do we help evangelical parents form the faith of (or disciple) their children in the home?”
This is a question with urgency. Parenting is one of the most difficult, rewarding and confounding endeavours most of us will ever undertake. In addition to feeding, clothing and sheltering our children, as parents we have important responsibilities in educating our children, caring for their social development and bringing them up in the faith.
Our own experience, along with studies such as Hemorrhaging Faith, Renegotiating Faith and the EFC’s 2019 Church and Faith Trends poll, tells us that many Canadian young adults leave the faith by the time they leave the parental home. So, what’s going on at home?
This report explores how parents understand faith formation and what they are doing to pass on their faith to their children at home. It draws on findings from interviews with parents and family ministry experts and a survey with over 1,000 evangelical parents in Canada.
Full final report
Executive summary English - français
Key findings summary

Due to resource constraints, the full report is only available in English.

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