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Canadian Missions Research Forum

The Canadian Missions Research Forum gathers ministry organizations, denominations, congregations and individual researchers to promote, commission, conduct and disseminate research on the missions engagement of the Canadian Church.

Current Initiatives

Canadian Evangelical Missions Engagement Study (CEMES)

The CEMES is a multi-phase research project examining the missions engagement of Canadian evangelicals and evangelical local congregations. The CEMES is a partnership between the Canadian Missions Research Forum and The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada that began in the fall of 2014.  Find out more.

Report 1: Canadian Evangelicals and Short-Term Missions

  • This report looks at evangelical practice and belief with respect to short-term missions: who goes on short-term mission trips, where they go, what they do, and what motivates them to go on these trips. Read the report.

Report 2: Canadian Evangelicals and Long-Term, Career Missions: Calling, Sending and Training

  • This report looks at how Canadian Evangelicals understand calling to missions, the local church’s role in sending missionaries and what training Evangelicals think a contemporary missionary needs. Read the report.

Report 3: Canadian Evangelicals and Mission Priorities

  • This report looks at local church priorities in mission activities and mission support, as demonstrated in church budgets and spending. This report also examines the influences and factors in making decisions about supporting missions. One key trend throughout the report is that lay people who attend religious services and read the Bible frequently were more aware and engaged with long-term career missions. Read the report.

Report 4: Canadian Evangelicals and Missions Promotion in the Local Church

  • This report examines how local churches connect and communicate with missions and missionaries. It looks at who promotes missions within local churches, as well as when, where and how missions content is communicated and relationships developed.  Read the Report

Current participants include:

For more information about the CEMES please contact:

Rick Hiemstra
Investigator, CEMES
613-233-9868 x332

Matthew Gibbins
Investigator, CEMES