EFC work on MAID continues

31 January 2023
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The law allowing Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) for people with mental illness was set to take effect in March 2023. The government has announced it will seek a delay of this expansion to give medical practitioners time to prepare for it. The justice minister has made it clear they plan to go ahead with the expansion, without legislating any additional safeguards. At time of publication, it’s not known how long a delay the government will propose.

The EFC is grateful for the Canadian Christians – including Canada Watch readers – who expressed their concerns to their MPs in response to multiple EFC calls for engagement. We believe it is making a difference.

Many Canadian Christians were galvanized to action by media reports of citizens applying for MAID because they can’t afford to live or can’t access care.

Poverty and the fear of homelessness are driving some people with disabilities to request hastened death. It has become easier for people to access MAID than the care and supports they need to live.

A statement signed by many EFC affiliate leaders declares, “As followers of Jesus, we share a deep and profound commitment to the sanctity of all human life. Human life is being devalued and discarded when people in vulnerable situations among us are not being supported to live, but facilitated to die.”

Even as we are encouraged there will be a delay in expansion, we know we must continue to act. Prayer is central. Let’s ask God to intervene, to change hearts and minds, to give us wisdom on how to act and how to love our neighbours, to bless our efforts and our country.

Alongside Christian leaders, we can commit to:
  • demonstrate the love of God in the lives of those feeling abandoned and without hope;
  • mobilize our churches and communities to care for those in their communities who are suffering and alone;
  • ensure people with disability, chronic illness and mental health struggles are welcomed into full belonging in our churches and communities.
More interaction with MPs can help. Please send in the postcard enclosed and call your MP’s office. Let your MP and their office staff know, “I just mailed a postcard. I’m very concerned. Please stop the expansion of MAID.” Give the second postcard to a friend and share these concerns with them.

Find your MP’s contact information at

How you can help

  • Send the enclosed postcard to your Member of Parliament. Follow up with a phone call. Such simple acts do make a difference.
  • Download Life Together: Disability and Belonging in the Church from the EFC website, read it and share it with others.
  • Please continue to pray and support our shared mission to bless Canada in the name of Jesus.
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