Life Together: Disability and Belonging in the Church

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This booklet contains articles and discussion questions that can help you and the Christians around you understand the importance of including people with disabilities in church communities, what ableism is and why it matters, and how we can respond to current shortcomings and injustices.

The 56-page booklet (we just printed 5,000 copies) is divided into four sections with informative articles and interviews. Each section ends with helpful reflection questions. Watch a two-minute video about how and why this resource was made.

It's free to download an electronic copy (PDF) here and by clicking the button at the bottom of this webpage. A French translation is now available.

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Section 1: Welcome & Belonging

  • On relationships, welcome and the Body of Christ: An interview with Cynthia Tam
  • On finding roof busters: An interview with Taylor Hyatt
  • Reflection questions

Section 2: Ableism in Church & Culture

  • Ableism and Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)
  • On human dignity: An interview with Taylor Hyatt
  • Ableism in the Church
  • Addressing ableism in the Church
  • On ableism, gifts and the life of the Church: An interview with Chantal Huinink
  • On the Church’s calling (and failure) to welcome: An interview with Taylor Hyatt
  • On churches missing out: An interview with Janet Noel-Annable
  • Reflection questions

Section 3: Next Steps for Christian Communities

  • How to become a disability friendly church
  • Disability etiquette tips
  • On acknowledging our own woundedness and need for healing: An interview with Dion Oxford
  • On first steps for Christian communities: An interview with Taylor Hyatt
  • Reflection questions

Section 4: Organizations and Resources

  • Organizations
  • Resources: Three resources to start with
  • Eight articles and podcasts to start with



Here are links to the eight articles and podcasts to start with: