EFC Update Newsletter January 12, 2020

12 January 2021

Urgent Need to Hold Pornography Sites Accountable

The harm pornography is doing to our society needs to be reduced, and thanks to major new public attention Canadians have a special opportunity to take effective action the next few months, according to the EFC public policy team. They explain in a new post on our website.

“A few weeks ago, Nicholas Kristoff wrote about ‘The Children of Pornhub’ in the NY Times. He told the stories of children and young teens whose lives have been devastated by having videos of them posted on Pornhub. This isn’t a new issue, but it’s beginning to get the attention needed to bring about change. Canada urgently needs to hold porn sites accountable for hosting and profiting from child sexual abuse and rape videos.” Read the full post.

New Podcast: Spiritual Practices for Who God Made You to Be

​​Alastair Sterne has written the book Rhythms for Life for all of us who might struggle with the typical "one size fits all" ideas around spiritual disciplines. We spoke with him in this new podcast.

EFC President Continues Treatment for Covid-19

EFC president Bruce J. Clemenger remains in the hospital being treated for Covid-19. His family reports that Bruce continues to respond well to the various treatments. You can visit this EFC webpage for ongoing updates and prayer requests about his condition as we receive them from his family. 

You can now read all Bruce's recent Faith Today columns, including his new Jan/Feb 2021 column on "Pandemic Leadership," at 

Joel Gordon on His New Role at the EFC

Joel Gordon is the EFC’s new Director, Partnership and Ministry Innovation. He shares his vision for his new role and the evangelical Church in Canada in a short interview on our website.

Sommet de prière / Québec Prayer Summit

L'événement «Rencontre au sommet», une retraite annuelle de prière communautaire parrainée par l’AEC à Granby, se tiendra désormais sous forme d'événement en ligne d'une journée, le 26 janvier. Il sera trois périodes de prière avec alternance de plénières et de petits groupes (9h30-11h00 prières les uns pour les autres, 14h30-16h00 prières pour l'Église, 19h00-20h30 prières pour le Québec). Vous pouvez vous inscrire en envoyant un courriel à : [email protected] (vous recevrez le lien avec le programme). Vous pouvez trouver les détails en ligne de cette « journée de prière pour tous les pasteurs et leaders, afin de faire une différence dans la vie et l'impact de l'Église au Québec ».

This year's "Rencontre au sommet" event, an annual EFC-sponsored communal prayer retreat near Quebec City, will now be held as a one-day online event, Jan. 26. The program will alternate between prayers for all and prayers in small groups (9:30-11 Eastern Time prayers for each other, 2:30-4 prayers for the Church, 7:00-8:30 p.m. prayers for Québec). You can register by sending an email to: [email protected] (you will receive the Zoom hyperlinks and the program). Details about this “day of prayer for all pastors and leaders, in order to make a difference in the life and impact of the Church in Quebec” are available in French.

The Faith Today Interview with Lennett J. Anderson

Our FT Interview this issue is with Lennett J. Anderson, pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hammonds Plains, N.S., and the newly appointed lecturer in leadership and racial justice at Acadia Divinity College. He is a community activist known for his response to racial injustice in Atlantic Canada and beyond. He has served as a speaker for Promise Keepers Canada | Impactus and other organizations.

In addition to the online version of Faith Today, you can sign up for a free print subscription to our unique Canadian Christian journalism at, financially supported by advertising revenue and charitable donations. You can donate at Thank you for enabling this important ministry! 

The End of Grace: An Essay on Dying Well

Dave Jeffery is a Christian with ALS who wrote last year in Faith Today about God’s gift of grace in the midst of illness. Now in a new article he writes, “Although God's grace has been wonderful all through my life, I’m now ready for heaven. So in this article I’d like to share the final chapter of my thoughts on grace.”

New Article: “The Fire of Ceaseless Prayer”

What does it mean to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:16-19) and how can we do it? EFC Prayer Ambassador Roger Helland reflects on these questions in a seven-minute video also available written as an article.

Coming Events at

→ Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, worldwide, Jan. 18–25
→ EFC Prayer: Denomination Affiliates, online, Jan. 13, 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. (ET) Contact [email protected]
→ Human Sexuality & Christian Ethics (Salvation Army), online, Jan. 18–March 22
→ Racism, Poverty and Hope (Wycliffe College), online, Jan. 19
→ Social Change and Community Engagement: Racism, Poverty and Hope (Wycliffe College), online, Jan. 19
→ Men’s Ministry Leadership Training 101/102 (Impactus), online, Jan. 19/20
→ Discernment in Hard Times (Impactus), online, Jan. 19/20
→ Growing in Transparency & Intimacy in Your Marriage (Impactus), online, Jan. 20
→ Ending Poverty Together Workshop (FFTH), online, Jan. 20
→ EFC Prayer: Canadian Church Unity, online, Jan. 25, 11:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m. (ET) Contact [email protected]
→ Rencontre au sommet, Granby, Que., online, Jan. 26
→ Stress, Anxiety and Depression Group (Impactus), online, Jan. 26–Feb. 16
→ Building Authentic Friendships (Impactus), online, Jan. 29
→ Managing Your Anger (Impactus), online Jan. 30
→ Serve/Grow (Mission Central), online, Jan. 29–31, Feb. 19–20
→ What Would Get Jesus Killed Today (Jesus Collective), online, Feb. 2
→ Discernment in Hard Times Would Get Jesus Killed Today (Forge Canada), online, Feb. 2
→ Canada Chinese Christian Winter Conference (Cantonese), online, Feb. 5-7
→ Building for the Future in the Context of Lament (Wycliffe College), online Feb. 9
→ Dealing with Anger, Irritation and Bitterness Group (Impactus), online Feb. 9–Mar. 2
→ PowerUp Gospel Music Workshop (Tor. Mass Choir), online, Feb. 11–13, 17–20
→ Becoming a Better Husband Group (Impactus), online Feb. 16–Mar. 9
→ EFC Prayer: Academic Institution Affiliates, online, Feb. 17, 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. (ET)

Publicize your event for free on our calendar and we will also share it in this email newsletter.

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