Prayer for Bruce Clemenger

07 May 2021

Update May 7, 2021

The EFC is pleased to announce that Bruce Clemenger has resumed his full duties as president of the EFC, as of May 3. The Clemenger family and the EFC are grateful for the support and prayers of the Canadian Christian community. We continue to pray together for all those struggling with Covid-19 and the impact of the pandemic.

Update Jan 22

We are happy to report that Bruce Clemenger continues to make good progress toward a full recovery, with his capacity for normal activities growing stronger all the time. Thank you for your care, prayers and your interest. It’s been so appreciated by Bruce’s family and the EFC.

Update Jan 13

Today we are happy to share the news that Bruce Clemenger is being released from the hospital, after his stay which began Dec. 29. We are so thankful to share this update and join with his family in thanking the many Canadians who prayed for Bruce during his battle with Covid. Thank you for your prayers and continued support.

Update Jan 12

Thank you for your continued prayers for Bruce Clemenger and your interest in his recovery journey. Today has more good news as we learn Bruce is walking around his room and gradually being weaned off the oxygen he has been on for days. His appetite has returned along with his ability to eat meals. Please continue to check back here for further updates and recovery milestones.

Update Jan 11

“Steady as we go,” is the phrase being used now in Bruce Clemenger’s recovery from Covid-19. His family reports that Bruce continues to respond well to the various treatments. After a weekend of testing, Bruce has been moved out of acute care to a general ward, which is another good sign. More recovery milestones are ahead for Bruce, but the family remains optimistic and thankful for the “deeply sustaining” outpouring of prayer and support.

Update Jan 8

Bruce Clemenger’s medical team and family are encouraged by Bruce’s progress. This weekend he will move to a “sub-acute care room” which is a step forward from ICU where he has been for recent days. His team feels he has turned the corner from the most critical and unpredictable phase of this illness and continues to respond well to treatment. Bruce is in good cheer and is encouraged and strengthened by the outpouring of prayer and support he and his family have received.

Update Jan 6

Bruce Clemenger remains in intensive care with Covid-19. The most recent reports from the family indicate his medical team is pleased with his progress and they feel his condition is moving in the right direction toward recovery. The family continues to thank everyone who is praying for Bruce’s recovery and expressing support.

Update Jan 4

Bruce’s condition remains stable, with his medical team now feeling guardedly optimistic as they continue to treat him in intensive care. Bruce is on oxygen and has been resting well the last couple of nights according to his family, who are in daily contact with him and his medical team via phone. His family is very grateful for prayers and the support they are receiving from friends near and far. We will continue to update this page with any significant changes and news about Bruce’s condition as we are made aware of them. Thank you for your caring interest. 

Update Jan 2, 2021

Dear friends,
Earlier this week, I sent you an email to let you know that the EFC’s president Bruce J. Clemenger was hospitalized with Covid-19 on December 29, 2020. 
Tonight, I write to inform you that in the next 24 to 48 hours that Bruce is facing the most challenging hours in the Covid fight. The situation is very serious and so we are urgently asking for your prayer for God’s intervention and for Bruce’s full recovery. His wife and children want everyone to know that they have come to a place of awe before God and want to say that this moment in time is not a mistake.
Tracy Clemenger has asked me to communicate the following from her and Bruce:
“The outpouring and assembly of individuals and institutions of the church and state and the call to prayer for Bruce, a situation we are still numb in, is our time as the body of Christ and as institutional representatives to declare God’s victory over Covid worldwide. Today, Bruce said that he wants everyone to know that he is praying for everyone who has written in and beyond; for your families and organizations and for the fighters of Covid. Stay unified and pray against Covid tonight.
“Bruce remains a courageous leader and brave fighter. He has served alongside Christ with The EFC these decades, and now, beyond The EFC we are assembled as the body across Canada and globally to pray against this virus and doing so, to open the New Year. God hears the humble and wants to heal our land. He has heard the cries of the mothers, fathers, children and grandparents and is ready to heal. Pray for my Bruce and the victory of the doctors, nurses and respirologists who are now attending to Bruce.”
As chair of the board I was pleased to learn that the Chief Medical Officer in Bruce’s hospital is a Christian and has been in prayer for Bruce. There are also many other Christians in the ICU unit.  The Medical Officer told Tracy she welcomes the prayers of the body of Christ in her fight against Covid in Bruce’s body and for all people fighting Covid. The family and doctors are praying while providing their unique medical expertise throughout these next long hours.
We are grateful to you, our family of EFC affiliates, for the outpouring of support for Bruce, Tracy, their family, and for Shirley, Tracy’s Mom who is also being treated for Covid-19.  Thank you for your prayers, notes and the responses we have received. These all have meant so much to Bruce, Tracy and the family.
In the past months Bruce has been an encouraging voice to the Canadian Church, urging us all to see this pandemic as a moment in which we can be the Church at work in the world. In a recent issue of Faith Today, Bruce shared about memorizing the 23rd Psalm when he was a child. He wrote: “In times of trials and affliction, indeed at all times, we are encouraged to pray….Through prayer we bind ourselves to God as like a twined rope…” 
Will you continue to join with us urgently in prayer for Bruce and for his family, and for all those who are suffering with Covid-19 and their families? It is true what so many have said, that we are in this together. It is our privilege and our comfort that we can also be in prayer together. 

With gratitude, 
Bill Fietje
Chair, EFC Board of Directors

Initial EFC Email December 30, 2020

Dear EFC friends, 

We are writing this short note to update you on an EFC family member. 

The EFC’s president Bruce J. Clemenger is in the hospital, being treated for Covid-19. His condition is currently stable and he remains optimistic. This is a particularly difficult time for the Clemenger family, as Bruce’s father-in-law, Kenneth, passed away on Dec. 26 and his mother-in-law, Shirley, has also been diagnosed with the virus, despite the family being very careful and following public health guidelines. 

We ask for your prayers for Bruce and Shirley’s recovery and return to full health, and for his wife Tracy and their two daughters as they grieve and of course, worry about their husband and father. 

So many Canadians have been impacted by Covid-19, including, we are certain, those in your own circles, communities and organizations. Let’s continue to pray for our country and that during these difficult days we will be a witness to the reassuring love and presence of Jesus. And today we ask particularly for your prayers for the Clemenger’s. 

Sincerely in Christ, 

Bill Fietje
Chair, EFC Board of Directors
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