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The EFC welcomes court decision reaffirming prostitution law

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has found, in a decision released Sept. 18, 2023,...

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Billboard Campaign: Buying Sex Is a Crime

The Buying Sex Is a Crime Campaign is supported by a wide range of groups across the...

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EFC Welcomes New Legislation On Prostitution

OTTAWA – The EFC commends the government for taking seriously the task of...

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The EFC Encourages Participation In Consultation On Prostitution Laws

OTTAWA – The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) is urging Canadian...

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Outgoing letters

Letter on CASWLR to justice minister

The EFC wrote to highlight the recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision in...

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Letter to Public Safety Minister on prostitution-related convictions

The EFC's letter urges prostitution-related convictions incurred prior to enactment...

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