Love Is Moving

Love Is Moving is our name for a variety of youth and young adult initiatives, including a bi-monthly magazine, a related TV series and our participatory Take Action video series.

All of these EFC youth and young adult initiatives support a movement of God’s people embracing the Great Commandment in order to be equipped to fulfil the Great Commission. Join the Love Movement and learn more at


Video Series

In addition to connecting with other members of the Love Movement through social media, our magazine and TV episodes, you can also participate in our future Take Action video series, a ground-breaking collaboration that includes action campaigns and events. When a group or individual registers and commits to watching and participating in this Canadian series working out biblical ideas of love, they are encouraged to write us to share how they are taking action in their community to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Participants then have the opportunity to be featured in future editions. Contact us to learn more.


Outside the Box

The LIM team recently produced segments that appear on each episode of Outside the Box With Sheldon Neil, a show broadcast on Fridays on YesTV at 10 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. Past episodes of the show including these segments are available at

New Free App

A new Love Is Moving app is available that facilitates interaction with the print magazine and offers practical challenges for students and leaders to put their faith into action. Android users can download the app from the Google Play Store, and iOS users or any mobile user can download it at

Get the Magazine

Printed copies of Love Is Moving magazine are available by subscription. The discounted rate for students and youth groups is now only $11.99/year (regular $29.99). Please subscribe to ensure we can keep producing these important resources for you! LIM arrives in a bundled subscription along with the EFC's flagship periodical, Faith Today, at no extra cost.

To receive an email notice when each new magazine is published, including live hyperlinks to all the new articles, also sign up for free e-notifications.