Young adult TV series now online

24 May 2017
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Love Is Moving, a TV series for young adults co-produced in 2014 by the EFC’s Joel Gordon and Ben Porter, is now available free online.

It is also currently airing on Fridays at 8:00 p.m. on YES TV. Here are links to the most recently broadcast episodes for you to watch.

The Love Is Moving TV series was co-produced by Lorna Dueck of Crossroads Christian Communications. It promotes many of the same values and activities as the EFC's youth and young adult magazine and related initiatives, all of which also share the name Love Is Moving.

Episode 1: Culture creation. It features an interview with Toronto rock band Sky Terminal and shows their new video. Sheldon Neil interviews people on what love means. Spoken word by Chris Tse and Orijin. Young adults who acted in a promo video for Missionfest Toronto. Rebroadcast May 5, 2017.

Episode 2: We want peace. It includes former child soldier Emmanuel Jal. He tells how God provided food on a journey through Sudan, saving him from a temptation to commit cannibalism as he and his friend starved. Rebroadcast May 12, 2017.

Episode 3: Fringe. It includes an appearance by former Toronto Maple Leaf goalie James Reimer, who speaks about his faith and his choice to put love into action by helping build an orphanage through a program called Ramona’s Reach. Rebroadcast May 19, 2017.

Episode 4: Gotta have it. It includes an appearance by singer-songwriter Karen Jewels, who talks about her own clothing line, Rock Holy, and it shows the 24-7 Church youth group in Burlington volunteering with Sew on Fire Ministries. Rebroadcast May 26, 2017.

Episode 5: On every corner. It features B.C. singer-songwriter Jordan Klassen and it also features Khetag Pliev, an Olympic wrestler whose faith helped him through a time when he was homeless.  Also, watch a Salvation Army amazing race in Chatham-Kent and a group in St. John’s, N.B., who helped local low-income and homeless people. Rebroadcast June 2, 2017.

Episode 6: Under pressure. It features a performance by rapper and spoken word artist NevaHurd and shows journalist and motivational speaker Pauleanna Reid discussing her battle with depression. Also in this episode, Grade 8 students in Toronto learn about biblical love and then share notes of affirmations with their classmates. Rebroadcast June 9, 2017.

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