Letter of support on verifying age and consent in pornography bill C-270

02 August 2022
Mr. Arnold Viersen, MP
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0A6

Dear Mr. Viersen,

Thank you for taking the initiative to introduce Bill C-270, Stopping Internet Sexual Exploitation Act.

Children and youth face devastating, lifelong consequences when images of their abuse and exploitation are streamed and distributed. Commercial pornography sites must be held responsible to ensure exploitative and non-consensual images are not uploaded and that they are swiftly removed once discovered.

The onus must not be on victims.

By requiring that the age and consent of every person depicted in sexually explicit material be verified before it is posted online, the Stopping Internet Sexual Exploitation Act puts the responsibility where it belongs.

We support this bill’s measures to ensure illegal content is not uploaded in the first place and commend you for introducing it.
Julia Beazley
Director, Public Policy
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada