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Support for people and projects under the World Evangelical Alliance

Canadian funds can be directed to the WEA through The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada account. These funds are then passed on to the WEA, which allows the Canadian donor to receive receipts for income tax purposes. Please note that all funds are carefully managed, and annual audits are conducted to ensure proper accounting and distribution

Individual Support

Brian Stiller
Canadian Brian Stiller is global ambassador of the WEA. His life mission comes from the time King David was rebuilding Israel. One group assisting him was described as those “who understood the times and knew what Israel should do” (1 Chronicles 12:32).

Christine MacMillan
Canadian Christine Macmillan is a WEA senior advisor on social justice as well as chair of the WEA Global Human Trafficking Task Force.

Matthew Gibbins
Canadian Matthew Gibbins serves as the EFC's Network Catalyst and also executive director of the EFC Global Mission Roundtable.

Initiative Support

WEA Peace & Reconciliation Network
The WEA PRN is directed by Johannes Reimer, based in Germany, with Manuel Böhm as director of network development, based in Canada, and Canadian Phil Wagler as North America network coordinator. The work of PRN can be summarized with the acronym TRAIN: Teaching about reconciliation, Restoration in areas of conflict by working with local partners, Assistance to local partners, Initiation to local potential partners, and Networking with Christian and secular reconciliation initiatives.

WEA Women's Commission
The Women’s Commission is a global network seeking to equip and empower women and girls to be a compassionate prophetic Christian voice - identifying and addressing the unique needs of women around the world. Executive director Amanda Jackson, based in the UK, works with a variety of regional leaders including Ruth Thorogood in Canada and Silvia Brynjolfson in Canada/Argentina.

General Support

WEA General Support
Donations to General are made available to the WEA for general budget purposes.

WEA Development
These funds support growth initiatives globally.

WEA Communications
Support the core work of WEA as a global centre for communication.

WEA Special Initiative
This enables the WEA in dealing with critical local and regional and global issues and crisis.