Prayer support

We covet your prayers because they have a tremendous impact on our work.

Prayer Corner

If you pray for us, please tell us! Your encouragement in this way would be very much appreciated! Contact us and do let us know how we can pray for you too.

Pray for our work...

  • that God would lead us in our endeavours to provide resources to Christians so that they can better serve their community and better understand how to engage in the lives of their local government officials
  • that we would be effective in our efforts to resource and encourage the leaders of our affiliate denominations, ministry organizations, higher education institutions and congregations
  • that the conferences, forums and other gatherings that the EFC undertakes continue to bring together Evangelicals for mutual support, encouragement and the sharing of ideas to increase the Church’s impact in the transformation of local communities and neighborhoods
  • that God would help us add to the credibility and integrity we have built with lawmakers and government officials across Canada and that we will continually make a positive contribution to the life of the nation when addressing social issues in the media and before governments and the courts
  • that we would be effective in bringing the plight of persecuted Christians before the Canadian government and in encouraging the Canadian Church to raise public awareness on behalf of our brothers and sisters worldwide
  • that we would find more ways in which we can play a greater role in addressing poverty and homelessness in co-operation with Christian organizations already working with the poor
  • that we would be successful in our efforts to urge the courts and Canada’s public policymakers of the importance of ensuring that Canadians continue to enjoy religious freedoms
  • that God would bless our work facilitating the various forums and roundtables on children in the church, poverty and homelessness, youth ministry and many other areas.

Pray for our senior leadership team and all support staff...

  • Bruce Clemenger, President
  • David Guretzki, Executive Vice-President & Resident Theologian
  • Aileen Van Ginkel, Vice-President, Ministry Services
  • Julia Beazley, Director of Public Policy
  • Rick Hiemstra, Director of Research and Media Relations
  • Cecilia Wu, Director of Resource Development
  • Don McNiven, Director of Affiliate Relations
  • Gina Waugh, Director of Marketing
  • Joel Gordon, Creative Director & Director of Love Is Moving
  • David Auyeung, Director of Information Technology
  • Valerie Hunter, President’s Office & Director of Human Resources

Pray for our leaders ...

  • Members of our Board of Directors
  • Pastors who serve our affiliated congregations
  • Leaders of our affiliate denominations and congregations as they seek to nourish and strengthen the Body of Christ in Canada
  • Leaders of our affiliate ministry organizations and higher educational institutions as they serve in God’s Kingdom in a multitude of ways.

See Our Team of Experts for links to pictures of EFC staff and to current lists of congregations, denominations and organizations that are formally affiliated with the EFC.