CRCF staff research Canadian cultural trends and the Church’s activities, to help us understand and serve better as the Church. Our research, which is always done in collaborative partnerships, has investigated youth church involvement, what makes small churches tick, how parents shape the faith of their children, engagement with missions, and more. To learn more, click the tabs below (What's Happening, Explore Resources, About CRCF).  

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Centre for Research on Church and Faith
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Two of our major current partner projects are:
  • Parenting Faith: The EFC and its partners are finalizing the report on the Family Faith Formation Study, called Parenting Faith, to help Canadian evangelical parents and guardians understand their roles as disciple-makers of their children by highlighting what helps or hinders them in these roles and how best churches and ministries can support them.
  • The Canadian Evangelical Small Church Study: The EFC and its partners are preparing the report on the study of small evangelical churches in Canada. Research was done to understand the ministry and mission opportunities that small churches engage in, as well as the challenges that hinder vitality in congregational life and ministry.
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The EFC has facilitated research partnerships under a variety of departmental names. The new name CRCF was launched in 2022 and is now headed by Rick Hiemstra, EFC director of research, and Lindsay Callaway.