Church & Faith Trends - Graph of Church megatrends Demographic, cultural and technological megatrends are rapidly reshaping our ministry context.
Understanding Canadian church and faith trends helps us better explain who we are as Evangelicals, helps us understand our place in the broader culture, and helps us make better ministry decisions.
The EFC works collaboratively to conduct and foster research that studies the changing contexts in churches and Canadian society.

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Church & Faith Trends
The EFC launched a new podcast series in Nov. 2021 called Faith Trends. Learn more.

The EFC is a partner in major research on the transitions into and out of church for youth after they complete high school, as they enter the next phase in life. The Young Adult Transition Research partnership has released two reports to shed light on how parents, churches and ministry organizations can help Christian young adults maintain a vibrant faith and connection with churches. Partners include Power to Change–Students, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Truth Matters, Youth for Christ and The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. Learn more about Renegotiating Faith.
Canadian society is experiencing rapid change demographically, culturally and technologically. These changes influence Christian ministry and the context in which it takes place.
The EFC conducts and fosters research on church and faith trends in Canada in a variety of ways. We conduct our own research. We work collaboratively by helping to form research partnerships, participating in other research partnerships and funding research directly.
The EFC has addressed such diverse topics as Bible engagement, why youth and young adults leave or stay in church, donating and volunteering, immigration, missions engagement, voting patterns and how Evangelicals are defined and counted.
These research initiatives have resulted in resources such as:
As Evangelicals, we seek to understand the beliefs of our neighbours and the dynamics of the society in which God has placed us. We bear witness about the wisdom of God’s word and the redemption offered in the person of Jesus. We study to understand the times (1 Chronicles 12:32) in order to plan effective and relevant ministry.  
The ability to know and explain who we are as Evangelicals furthers our ability to share the Gospel and live out our beliefs together in the public square. It helps us understand our place in the broader culture.
Good data on the trends rapidly reshaping Canadian churches and culture also helps us make changes in our ministries in order to be wise, relevant and timely.