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We’ve been releasing audio recordings since June 1, 2017 to help Canadians sort through issues like spiritual growth and health, other religions, religious freedom, vocation, and tough questions of faith and living in contemporary society.

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Brian Doerksen on Leading Worship with a Whisper

Brian Doerksen is a songwriter, recording artist, conference speaker and songwriting instructor. Several of his songs can be heard at most churches at some point. "Faithful One" and "Come now is the time to worship" are mainstays of evangelical worship. His latest album is Hymns for Life. He speaks to Karen Stiller about leading worship, being outside the "inner circle" of contemporary Christian music, and the role of lament. 


Cindy Bunch on Being Kind to Yourself: Releasing Frustrations and Embracing Joy

Cindy Bunch is author of Be Kind to Yourself: Releasing Frustrations and Embracing Joy, a book released in 2020 by InterVarsity Publishing, where she also serves as associate publisher and director of editorial, where she acquires and develops books on spiritual formation


Secrets to Self Control from the Bible (and Drew Dyck)

​Drew Dyck's latest book Your Future Self Will Thank you: Secrets to Self-Control from the Bible and Brian Science will help you be better at a whole bunch of things, including spiritual disciplines.


Coping with COVID: A new study reveals the coping strategies that work

Bill Strom, Professor of Communications at Trinity Western University, has released a study called "Weathering Well: Relational Resilience During the Covid-19 Lockdown."


What does our faith have to do with our Facebook?

In this Faith Today article, writer Matthew Civico helps us reflect on the costs and and benefits of the massively popular social media tool.


Practising the Practices of our Faith

Writer Patricia Paddey explores some ancient spiritual practices and how she gently ushered them into her daily life and faith practice. 


Walking and the Life of Faith

Writer Mark Buchanan sees things differently when he walks. This Faith Today article from May 2019 takes readers inside the wonderful world of spiritual walking.


Is it good to follow your conscience?

David Guretzki considers the role of conscience in the life of the Christian, and what that has to do with Canada today. 


Lorna Dueck: A Storyteller Retires

Lorna Dueck, a leader in Christian journalism in Canada, has announced her retirement from a groundbreaking and hugely successful career. In this interview, she shares some career highlights, advice to younger storytellers, and her thoughts as she moves into this new chapter of life and being.