Church and Mission - Christian Church in Canadian City Christians everywhere are called to witness to God’s love in all aspects of their personal lives and in their involvement in the world around them. Christians in Canada come together to worship God, pray and learn from Scripture. Their participation in churches is vital to their spiritual well-being.
Many Christians, Evangelicals among them, agree that their mission goes beyond church walls to how they live their lives in family and community and how they engage with others in Canadian society and around the globe. How they engage in mission varies from one church community to another, but blessing others in the name of Jesus is a common goal for them all.

Related Themes

The EFC is building community among young adults and youth, and supporting them in their faith, through a series of initiatives knows as Love Is Moving – “a movement of God’s people embracing the Great Commandment in order to be equipped to fulfill the Great Commission.”
The EFC collaborates in various ways with the denominations, educational institutions and ministry organizations affiliated with the EFC. Current partnerships include: The EFC is an active partner in a series of conferences called Building Our Whole Society on the place of religion in Canadian society.

A practical resource for learning more about your neighbourhood is our Community Research Guide for Church Leaders.

To take stock of how the position of Christianity in Canadian society has changed radically over the past 40 years, many leaders of the churches and organizations affiliated with the EFC gathered a few years ago in Canadian Evangelical Forums hosted by the EFC and partnering groups to talk about how they are discerning God’s leading in changing times.
Faith Today magazine carries numerous articles that feature how Christians are living out their faith. The “Kingdom Matters” section includes stories that offer insight and inspiration for others.
The EFC engages in extensive Church & Faith Trends research, often in partnership with other groups, to demonstrate how demographic, cultural and technological megatrends are rapidly reshaping our ministry context.
Critical to Christian Living is how we engage with Scripture – see the outcomes of the Bible Engagement Study 2014


  • for Christian living that is rooted in engagement with others in Scripture and prayer
  • for increasing commitments among Christians to witness to God’s love in all areas of life and society
  • for congregations that seek to discern how God is leading them in changing times

Witness to God’s love by

  • discerning through prayer and with others how God is calling you to serve and where (Locally? Nationally? Globally?)
  • downloading our practical Community Research Guide for Church Leaders for learning more about your neighbourhood
  • volunteering in community organizations that are meeting local needs and determining where action with others could fill in gaps where needs aren’t being met
  • collaborating with groups, Christian and otherwise, that can help your group engage in meaningful ministry
  • volunteering with or supporting financially other churches and other Christian organizations that are carrying out ministry like yours in your region or another part of the world