We’ve been releasing audio recordings since June 1, 2017 to help Canadians sort through issues like spiritual growth and health, other religions, religious freedom, vocation, and tough questions of faith and living in contemporary society. The Faith Today Podcast often features interviews, articles from Faith Today magazine, and dispatches from Brian Stiller, global ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance.

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In Conversation with Author Jen Pollock Michel

Jen Pollock Michel, author and host of the Englewood Review of Books podcast, joins us to explore lament, how to listen and speak well to each other and other wonderful things. 


Secrets to Self Control from the Bible (and Drew Dyck)

​Drew Dyck's latest book Your Future Self Will Thank you: Secrets to Self-Control from the Bible and Brian Science will help you be better at a whole bunch of things, including spiritual disciplines.


Still Salty After All These Years. An Interview with Author Becky Pippert

​The popular author of the evangelism classic Out of the Saltshaker has released a new book on evangelism today, Stay Salt. 


The Persecuted Church Around the World: An Interview with Gary Stagg of Open Doors Canada

Gary Stagg, executive director of Open Doors Canada, offers a glimpse into what life is like for the Church under persecution and the precious gift of standing together.


Hope in Crisis - Episode 4

We are in the centre of the storm, it’s difficult to know what’s coming, from where its coming and what is coming next.    


Why would anyone go to church? An interview with Kevin Makins

Kevin Makins is founding pastor of Eucharist Church in Hamilton and author of the recently released book "Why Would Anyone go to Church? A Young Community's Quest to Reclaim Church for Good."


While We Pray for Miracles

B.C. writer Dave Jeffery, who lives with the terminal neurological disorder ALS, takes us inside his journey of praying for a personal miracle of healing – and finding grace instead.


Bone of our bone. Flesh of our flesh: Interview with Neil Cudney

Neil Cudney, director of organizational and spiritual life and administration with Christian Horizons, speaks to us about hospitality and how this strange time of isolation we are all living through can help us understand better what life can be like for people living with disabilities. 


Walking and the Life of Faith

Writer Mark Buchanan sees things differently when he walks. This Faith Today article from May 2019 takes readers inside the wonderful world of spiritual walking.