Statement on racism

02 June 2020
The EFC condemns racism and its underlying denial that all people are loved by God, are created in His image, and have equal dignity and value. 
Racism is a form of discrimination that values and privileges some groups of people above others and denies the personhood of some based on skin colour, descent, national or ethnic origin.
We call upon churches to combat racism and its related attitudes and injustices. We join in the collective grief and lament of so many that this problem, with its horrible implications and impact on the lives of so many, continues on. 
This is not only an American and Canadian problem, but is universal. Racism has impacted Canada and continues to plague us, as we are reminded by current demonstrations in Canada and the legacy of racism told in the pages of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission reports and the lived experience of our sisters and brothers of colour. 
Our Lord Jesus Christ calls us to be peacemakers and ambassadors of reconciliation, and to break down the walls that divide, including racism. We commit ourselves to the pursuit of justice and peace, and we invite you to join us. 

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