EFC Statement on Edmonton and Las Vegas attacks

03 October 2017

The EFC is grieved to learn of what appears to be a terrorist attack the past weekend in Edmonton (Sept. 30). Our prayers and support go out to the family of the Edmonton police officer who was seriously injured. We pray also for the pedestrians who were seriously hurt as a result of the intentional use of a motor vehicle to cause harm and in an attempt to take human life.

Furthermore, we express our deepest condolences to all the families, friends and communities who lost loved ones due to the shootings in Las Vegas that took place on October 1.

It is difficult to grasp the depth of evil and violence that would cause anyone to have such intent and to inflict such harm to fellow humans. We denounce the violence that took place in both cities and we pray that peace and calm will prevail both in Edmonton and Las Vegas, and across the two nations. We also ask God to equip church leaders to be able to respond in a Christ-like manner and to provide comfort, wisdom and discernment as each city grapples with these incidents of terrible violence.

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