The EFC condemns anti-Semitic attack at Pittsburgh synagogue

29 October 2018
The EFC strongly condemns the horrific anti-Semitic attack at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh on October 27.
We offer deepest condolences and prayer for the family and friends of those killed and injured, including the first responders, and for the broader Jewish community. 
It is a heinous act to target people in a place of worship. With our interfaith colleagues, we say again, “An offence against a people at worship reverberates through the community and touches every member. An attack against one particular person or community at worship has an impact on all religious adherents.”
We stand with the Jewish community. Together and everywhere we must denounce this violence and each do what we can to counter the hate that animates it. We are committed to strive for tolerance and respect for all.
[Editor’s note: The EFC is a member of the World Evangelical Alliance, which also issued its own statement.]