CFPL staff work in offices that are a five-minute walk from Parliament Hill in Ottawa. They interact with government and the courts on issues of concern and encourage positive action by citizens. Learn more by clicking the tabs below (What's Happening, Explore Issues, Take Action, About CFPL).

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Centre for Faith and Public Life
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CFPL staff engage government and citizens on a wide range of topics. You can keep up with the latest news and calls for action by following us on social media and by subscribing to EFC newsletters such as:
In 2022 some of the major issues we worked on included: 
  • Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide including campaigning against expansion and campaigning to protect medical professionals from being forced to participate 
  • Prostitution including defending current laws in court 
  • Pornography including legislation to mandate age verification 
  • Religious Freedom in Canada including issues such as conversion therapy legislation and threats to charitable status of crisis pregnancy centres 
You can browse them all at or check out the latest: 
Why get involved with social issues? What are the most effective ways to contact or meet an MP? What is the process for a bill to become law? Pray! Prayer is essential to any effective action. Each week at we rotate through a prayer request from each of these five areas:
  • Sanctity of Life 
  • Care for the Vulnerable 
  • Church and Mission 
  • Family and Community 
  • Religious Freedom. 
We also list an EFC affiliate group to pray for.

Why vote or get involved in federal politics? Check out the resources at including:
The mission of CPFL staff is to maintain strategic relationships with MPs, senators and other officials using a reasoned and compassionate biblical voice. We make submissions (such as research, position papers and briefings) for the consideration of those in power, addressing social issues from a Christian perspective. For example:
  • Religious freedom  
  • Sanctity of life  
  • Partnering for change with oppressed and marginalized Canadians 
  • And promoting the wellbeing of families and communities across Canada. 
The CFPL was founded in 1996 and is now headed by Julia Beazley, EFC director of public policy.