The EFC Introduces The All Things Reconciled Podcast

05 July 2022

For immediate release July 5, 2022 from The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Our newsfeeds are full of disturbing and discouraging stories from the war in Ukraine and other places of conflict around the world. The stories that are less frequently heard are the equally true accounts of reconciliation and peacemaking that unfold in the background of such conflicts, past and present.
The All Things Reconciled Podcast tells those stories. All Things Reconciled is a podcast of the Peace and Reconciliation Network (PRN) of the World Evangelical Alliance and produced by The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. The PRN is a global network that exists to inspire and equip the Church for its high call as ambassadors of Christ and his ministry of reconciliation in an unreconciled world.
Canadian podcast hosts Jeannette Böhm and Phil Wagler of the PRN dialogue with community peacemakers, drawing out practical tips and insights from people leading in reconciliation work around the world in conflicts big and small, old and new.
Series 1 of the podcast, launched on July 5th, 2022, appropriately focuses on Ukraine. The four episodes include the story of a welcome center for refugees just kilometres from the frontline of the conflict. Another goes in depth with the head of the Russian Evangelical Alliance, exploring his motivation for releasing a letter condemning the war, and the global response.
“What struck me in this series, was the absolute honesty of our guests as they live and work out the realities of reconciliation right now in an ongoing conflict,” says Wagler. “Reconciliation is complex and difficult work. In every conversation we sensed how much more difficult it would be if those involved were not motivated by their Christian faith. It doesn’t make it easy, but it makes it possible.”
All Things Reconciled can be found at, and on Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify and SoundCloud by searching "Faith Today Podcast".
“We hope these conversations will lead listeners to consider how they can be reconcilers in their own communities,” explains Böhm. “I know I was inspired by each person and story, and I think our listeners will be as well.”
Full list of episodes of All Things Reconciled Series 1: The War in Ukraine
Episode 1 - From Ukraine
Maxym Oliferovski leads the New Hope Center team in Zaporizhzhia, 30kms from the frontline of the conflict in Ukraine. The team there welcomes refugees fleeing the Donbas region while awaiting what might yet be coming their way. Oliferovski speaks of the despair, the hope, and the spiritual readiness needed to be a reconciler when your homeland is under attack.
Episode 2 - From Russia
Vitaly Vlasenko is the Secretary General of the Russian Evangelical Alliance and wrote an open letter of objection to the war, apologizing to the Ukrainian people. In this interview, Vlaskenko shares the background to his decision to release the letter, its impact, and how alliance’s hopes for seeking God's Kingdom first, loving their homeland as reconcilers and not abandoning their place in God's mission.
Episode 3 - From Western Europe
Ruslan Maliuta, who helped launch the charity World Without Orphans, is a Ukrainian serving the World Evangelical Alliance's crisis response among the 10 million people displaced so far by the war. He and his family left Ukraine before the war began and now support the reconciling work of churches welcoming refugees in Poland, Hungary, Moldova and other border countries.
Episode 4 - From Canada
Zlata Zolotarova first arrived in Canada from Ukraine as a college student. She now finds herself unexpectedly working with churches in B.C. to welcome Ukrainian refugees as they arrive in Canada. She describes the experience of both lament and welcoming people as they arrive. Zlata still has family in Ukraine and describes the tension and unease she experiences, even as she grows as a young reconciler.
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