On TWU making its covenant optional for students

16 August 2018
The EFC has supported Trinity Western University through its multi-year journey to obtain accreditation for the Christian law school it was attempting to introduce into Canada. Canadian Christians have watched this journey carefully, and rightly considered this case a significant marker for religious freedom in Canada.
The EFC supports the freedom of TWU to set policies necessary to the pursuit of its mission as an evangelical university. We affirm TWU’s commitment to stay true to their mission and purpose, and provide a high-quality education to those who choose to attend.

Within the Canadian evangelical community and among other religious communities with educational institutions, there exists a wide range of practice around expectations of students studying at religious schools. We expect that a fruitful and respectful discussion around such policies will continue among Evangelicals as we work out together what it means to serve and be a witness in an ever-changing Canadian context.

Update: See our podcast interview with TWU President Bob Kuhn (Aug. 17) and more on the court cases related to the proposed TWU law school at