Sadness on the Death of Billy Graham

21 February 2018

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada expresses its deep sadness over the death of Rev. Billy Graham, the beloved evangelist who touched the lives of millions for Christ.

“Today we are sad to have to say goodbye, but we are also grateful for the incomparable positive impact that Billy Graham had on the faith of so many. We are also rejoicing that he has entered his final rest with his Saviour Jesus,” says Bruce Clemenger, president of the EFC.

“Graham had a long history with Canada, conducting numerous evangelistic meetings from coast to coast, often accompanied by Canadian [gospel singer] George Beverley Shea,” adds Clemenger.

Part of Graham’s legacy is also his gift for drawing local churches from diverse traditions closer together, working for the common goal of evangelism as they prepared for Graham’s appearances in their cities. “The [Billy Graham] association insisted on that kind of collaboration, and relationships were built that have lasted to this day,” says Clemenger. “The Canadian Church was strengthened by Graham’s work and faithfulness.”

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Photo above by Warren K. Leffler from 1966, available for free use from the Library of Congress.
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