Civic Engagement Kit

Tools and tips for interacting with MPs and senators

This EFC Civic Engagement Kit (revised March 2022) offers advice and explanations about interacting with your elected government representatives. Feel free to reproduce and distribute copies in your group or church. You can also find more resources like this at our main page at


  • Why get involved with social issues?
  • Not just what we do, but how we do it
  • Pray for MPs, especially your local MP
  • What's the best way to contact an MP?
  • Tips for contacting MPs
  • Reach out on a positive note
  • Calling your MP
  • Tips for writing senators
  • What to expect after an email, letter or phone call
  • Planning a meeting or phone call
  • How a bill becomes law and how you can participate
  • What about church involvement
  • Conclusion
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