Court Cases



Lamb v. Canada [2019]

The EFC has been granted intervener status in the Lamb case in B.C., which involves attempts to expand access to assisted suicide and euthanasia. The case will be argued before...

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CMDS et al v. College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario [2017-2019]

The Ontario Court of Appeal released its decision May 15, 2019 in the forced referrals case, an appeal of the legal challenge to the Ontario requirement that doctors provide...

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Carter v. Canada (Attorney General) [2014-2015]

Case SummaryThe Carter v. Canada (Attorney General) case has led to the striking down of Canada’s laws that prohibit assisting someone to commit suicide. The...

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Latimer v. The Queen [2001]

(2001) The EFC intervened in the Latimer case before the Supreme Court of Canada. Saskatchewan farmer Robert Latimer was convicted of second degree murder in the death of his...

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