Out of Business: Prostitution in Canada - Putting an End to Demand

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) released a comprehensive report proposing reform to Canada’s prostitution laws.

One of the EFC’s goals is the elimination of all forms of sexual exploitation in Canada. To that end, in Out of Business the EFC proposes a Canadian adaptation of the Nordic model of law and policy on prostitution.

“A change in law that criminalizes the purchase of sexual services will help reshape attitudes about prostitution, making a stronger statement that in Canada we will not tolerate or condone sexual exploitation,” said the EFC Vice-President and General Legal Counsel. “Still, more than that is needed to put an end to sexual exploitation, so in Out of Business we have adapted law and policies that have proven successful elsewhere to work within Canada’s constitutional requirements.”

Key recommendations include:

  • Criminalize the purchase and attempted purchase of sex
  • Maintain prohibitions against profiting from sexual exploitation
  • Amend our laws to reflect the non-criminal nature of individuals who are being prostituted
  • Invest in exit programs and support for prostituted persons
  • Initiate a public awareness campaign to accompany such a change in the law.
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