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Government Action on Pro-life Charities and What You Can Do

This new toolkit explains what's happening to challenge the charitable status of pro-life charities, why we're concerned, and how to respond

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Provincial Decisions: Abortion Funding in Canada

A Brief Examination of the Provincial and Territorial Governments’ Roles in Determining Abortion Funding in Canada

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Black Holes: Canada’s Missing Abortion Data

A Brief Examination of Canada’s Abortion Data Collection Policies and an Analysis of Ontario’s New Legislation

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Gendercide and Sex-Selection: Does it happen in Canada?

A discussion paper on Gendercide and Sex-Selection: Does it happen in Canada?

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Pro-Life Clubs and the Law

A Reference Guide for Students and their Legal Counsel on the Law and Legal Principles Involved with Pro-Life Campus Club Challenges

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EFC Declaration on Human Life

The EFC's Declaration on Human LifeWe believe that this is a moment in history when we as a people must challenge current practices concerning...

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