Bill C-47 (1997): An Act respecting human reproductive technologies and commercial transactions relating to human reproduction

09 April 1997


Brief on Bill C-47

(1997) This 1997 brief addresses reproductive technologies and the prohibitions proposed by the federal government in Bill C-47. The brief outlines general and specific concerns about Bill C-47, with specific recommendations on how to change the legislation to strengthen its protection of human life and dignity.  Read the complete brief as a PDF download.

A Brave New World? Brief - Response to a Government Discussion Paper (1996)

(October 1996) This brief evaluates reproductive technologies according to biblical principles and specifically addresses the prohibitions and framework proposed by Health Canada in its discussion paper New Reproductive and Genetic Technologies: Setting Boundaries, Enhancing Health. This 1996 submission suggests priorities and issues to consider in the regulation of reproductive and genetic technologies.   Read the complete brief as a PDF download.