Review of Medical Assistance in Dying by special joint parliamentary committee

25 April 2022
UPDATE NOVEMBER 2023 - See new EFC government submission on MAID for mental illness, below

A special joint committee of MPs and senators is recommending making minors eligible for medically hastened death. Their February 2023 report also recommends allowing advance requests, thus opening medical assistance in dying (MAiD) to people no longer able to consent. The committee’s report recommends but doesn't require the government to make these changes to the law.

A group of doctors and experts have published a letter of dissent about the MAID report. Read our quick summary (March 7, 2023).

This parliamentary report was the result of a bill that passed in March 2021 (Bill C-7) calling for a comprehensive review of the medical assistance in dying (MAID) provisions and the related issues of mature minors, advance requests, mental illness, the state of palliative care in Canada and the protection of Canadians with disabilities. The review was conducted by a special joint committee of MPs and senators.

The EFC opposes euthanasia and assisted suicide. The EFC also opposes the planned expansion of MAiD in cases of medical illness alone set for March 2024 (delayed from original date of March 2023 to give doctors more time to prepare).

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