Bill C-314: Reverse MAID for mental illness alone

22 February 2023

Bill C-314 would exclude a mental disorder from being considered a grievous and irremediable medical condition for the purposes of Medical Assistance in Dying. This would mean that no one would be eligible for MAID for mental illness alone

MP Ed Fast introduced Bill C-314 in the House of Commons on February 10, 2023. Its first hour of debate in the House of Commons was set for May 18. Please pray for MPs to support this bill and ask your MP to do so.


  • Petition PDF: collect 25 signatures, send to your local MP (8 Sept. 2023)
  • Sample letter to send to an MP: docx or pdf (22 Feb. 2023)
  • Letter of support sent by the EFC to MP Ed Fast (23 Feb. 2023)