Bill S-224: Strengthen the definition of human trafficking

02 August 2023

Bill S-224 is a private members bill that was introduced in the Senate by Senator Salma Ataullahjan. It would have removed the requirement that a trafficking victim, or a person in those circumstances, must demonstrate they feared for their safety or the safety of a loved one. The bill would also have moved into the definition the additional considerations that exploitation includes coercion, the use or threatened use of force, deception, the abuse of a position of trust, power or authority. 

Bill S-224 would have strengthened the definition of human trafficking, increasing the chances of convicting traffickers and less likely to re-victimize survivors. Bill S-224 has passed in the Senate and is moving through the House of Commons.

However, a House of Commons committee has removed the key provisions of Bill S-224. The bill will come back to the House of Commons for debate and another vote this fall. MPs will be able to make changes to the bill in its final stages.

The EFC will be asking MPs to put the proposed new definition of human trafficking back in the bill.