The EFC applies biblical principles to life in society, including law and public policy. We show how laws that reflect these principles – such as the sanctity of human life, care for the vulnerable and religious freedom – contribute to the public good.

The EFC often makes submissions on these issues to parliamentary committees and government bodies as well as occasionally to international bodies such as the United Nations.

(See also Outgoing Letters to legislators and cabinet ministers, and Court Cases for legal submissions.)

Canada Summer Jobs Grant Program (2017-2019)

Now is the time to contact MPs about how this federal program needs to be changed for next year to make it fair and accessible for all religious groups.

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Submission to the UN's Universal Periodic Review (Human Rights in Canada, 2017)

Recommendations for Canada on sexual exploitation, prostitution, human trafficking, pornography and religious freedom. Submitted jointly on Oct. 5 by the EFC and WEA.

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Bill C-51 (2017): Laws on disrupting worship

The Senate is debating legislation that would keep a law protecting religious officials and worship. This is an improved version of the originally controversial Bill C-51.

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Ontario Bill-89 (2017): Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act

Understanding the controversial changes that came with Ontario's recent overhaul of its child welfare system.

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