Brian Stiller

Brian Stiller speaks on behalf of the EFC and also serves (and can speak) as global ambassador for the World Evangelical Alliance. The WEA is a global alliance which serves some 600 million evangelical Christians. Previously he served as president of the Tyndale Foundation (2009 to 2011), president of Tyndale University College & Seminary (1995 to 2009), president of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (1983 to 1997, where he founded its magazine Faith Today, published several books and appeared on weekly television) and before that as Canadian president of Youth for Christ.

Brian Stiller is available for:

  • Public speaking in churches, anniversaries, banquets and special events.
  • Consultancy in organizational leadership, capital campaigns.
  • Lectures on leadership.

To examine or order any of his books, go to Download a hi-res picture.

Topics Covered by Brian Stiller