Civic Engagement Kit

This EFC Civic Engagement Kit offers advice and explanations about interacting with your elected government representives. Feel free to reproduce and distribute copies in your group or church.

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  • The full Engagement Kit is available as a complete 11-page PDF (December 2019) or in sections.
  • Section 1 includes:
    • Why get involved with social issues?
    • Not just what we do, but how we do it
    • In case you’re wondering: Church involvement
    • Pray for elected officials
  • Section 2 includes:
    • Meeting an MP: What to expect
    • Meeting an MP: Tips for effectiveness
    • Other effective ways to communicate with an MP
  • Section 3 includes:
    • How a bill becomes law – and what you can do (one-page pdf diagram). For more on this topic, see also Parliament's 2-minute video on Youtube and longer explanation at
    • Where to find out about bills, federal and provincial
    • Why I rushed home and finally called my MP
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