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How to speak to your kids about pornography

​​Do you worry about your kids and online pornography? It's a big issue for parents today. We have some help to offer you from Marilyn Evans, the founder of Parents Aware.


Trends in Christian Contemporary Music

​In this episode, Lindsay Callaway talks with Mike Tapper, Chair of Religion Department at SWU, and Marc Jolicoeur, Pastor of Worship & Creative Arts in Moncton, NB about their recent study on the trends in worship music in the last 25 years. 


Funerals. Yes, funerals.

In this special episode of the Faith Today podcast, EFC's resident theologian David Guretzki dialogues with Tim Perry, author of Funerals: for the Care of Souls, the book that inspired the cover story of the latest Faith Today.


Behind the Scenes and Christmas with the EFC Podcast Team

​​Join Faith Today podcast host Karen Stiller, tech producer Dave Auyeung, Rick Hiemstra and Lindsay Callaway, hosts of the new EFC podcast Faith Trends, as they go behind the scenes. 


How to have weird conversations about vax status and navigate these strange social times

​​Christmas is coming and so are awkward conversations about vaccination status and who is going where when and what we're all going to talk about when we get there. Psychotherapist Sharon Ramsay offers practical tools for the coming days.


Zoom seminary

​Jason Mills is a Canadian pastor, chaplain and educator living in the Blue Mountains and researching about ministry and technology, online theological education, pastoral formation and practical theology.


No Cure for Being Human and just being wonderful with Kate Bowler

In this interview with Karen Stiller, Kate takes us behind the scenes of her latest book, No Cure for Being Human, and also solves a lot of everything. Plus, laughter.


Gen-Z and evangelism

​Definitions and approaches to evangelism are changing. In this episode, Lindsay speaks with Shaila Visser and Tim Gonsalves from Alpha Canada about a recent study on Gen-Z and evangelism in Canada. 


Habits that can help us grow

​​Do you feel sluggish in your spiritual life? Wonder if you're growing or stalled? Author and pastor Darryl Dash shares good news and good habits in this interview with Karen Stiller. His insights into identifying a "good church" is worth the listen alone.