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MAID Expansion Action Kit 2023

Get our updated Action Kit to Halt Expansion of MAID to Include Mental Illness Alone below. People with mental illness alone will likely become...

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Euthanasia C-14 Postmortem Overview

Bill C-14: What it Means for Canadians and Next Steps is a nine-page PDF from 21 June 2016.

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Euthanasia and Palliative Care Study Guide

Booklet of articles and discussion questions can help you and your church better understand what is at stake with physician-assisted suicide. 

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Declaration Against Euthanasia And Assisted Suicide

We affirm the sanctity of all human life, and the equal and inviolable dignity of every human being. (Oct. 2015)

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EFC Declaration on Human Life

The EFC's Declaration on Human LifeWe believe that this is a moment in history when we as a people must challenge current practices concerning...

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