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Phil Wagler serves as the EFC's Global Liaison and as Global Director of the World Evangelical Alliance's Peace and Reconciliation Network. His vocational experience includes pastoral, Bible college and global mission agency work.
Phil grew up in Ontario. Becoming a devoted follower of Jesus was the surprising grace that emerged from a family tragedy when he was a teenager. His Mennonite spiritual heritage and discipleship church developed in him a deep love for the Church actively living out the ways of Jesus in community and wholistic mission. Before joining the EFC Phil pastored in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, served as associate dean of students at Emmanuel Bible College in Kitchener, Ont., and led training for Multiply, the global mission agency of the Mennonite Brethren churches in Canada and the USA.
Phil and his wife Jen have six children and call Kelowna, B.C., home. They love learning about different cultures (spurred on by being an international family through the gift of adoption). Phil enjoys sports of all kinds, reading and that moment just after the kids go to bed.

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