How Pornography Harms - What the Church Needs to Know

2017-Battling-PornographyThis booklet, revised in 2019, contains articles and discussion questions that can help you and your church understand what is going on with pornography today, why it matters, and how we can respond as Christians and as parents.

The 40-page booklet (we published 10,000 copies since 2017 under the title Battling Pornography: A Guide for Canadians) is divided into four sections with informative articles and clearly presented data. Each section ends with helpful discussion questions.

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Section 1:     

  • Violent internet pornography is damaging our society
  • Infographic: The brain on pornography

Section 2:    

  • Parenting in the age of porn
  • It’s time Canada takes the lead in protecting children from online pornography

Section 3:    

  • Our big, big pornography problem
  • Pornography – by the numbers
  • Accountability relationships & questions

Section 4:    

  • Responding to bondage
  • The dangers of pornography

Next Steps:    

  • What you can do
  • Learn more