Justice committee review of prostitution laws (PCEPA)

07 February 2022
Canada’s prostitution laws are being reviewed by a parliamentary committee. The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act (PCEPA) recognizes that prostitution is inherently exploitive and dangerous. It has the goal of ending the demand for paid sex. Under PCEPA, buying sex and pimping are criminalized, while those who are prostituted are given immunity from criminal prosecution. The Justice Committee began its review of the laws in mid-February 2022.

There are groups asking for the prostitution laws to be repealed. However, research shows the most effective way to curb sexual exploitation and end the harms of prostitution is to target the demand for paid sex. PCEPA is an effective and essential tool in fighting sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

You can contact your MP to tell them you support current laws that criminalize the actions of customers and pimps.


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