Download our 2019 federal election kit

29 April 2019
Public policy impacts our lives, influences the way we interact with one another, and helps shape the care and protection offered to our neighbours. Both prayer and voting are key ways we can fulfil our God-given responsibilities in this area.

To help you prepare for the October 2019 federal election, we've put together some great resources including:
  • a series of questions on our top 16 issues of concern
  • a printed guide to what churches can and cannot do, plus a June 19 webinar on the topic that you can register for now to get your questions answered
  • English and French versions of our brochure: Federal Election 2019: Faith, voting and political engagement / Élection fédérale 2019: Foi, vote et engagement politique.
  • Election 2019 call to prayer
  • Guide to holding an all-candidates meeting
  • Canadian electoral system refresher
  • and more.
Feel free to reproduce and distribute copies in your group or church. Or just point friends to this webpage, use:
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